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Bringing together freelance photographers with advertising agencies, temporary staffing services or corporate art directors is what NJCN does. We're a business association of creative professionals with their own online portfolios or websites for easy reviewing when needed. In addition, our photographers have experience working on projects in the following fields; advertising, architectural, catalogs, corporate events, cosmetics, displays, electronics, executive portraits, food, glassware, industrial layouts, jewelry, liquor, machinery, medical, packaging, people, products, public relations/PR, retail, scientific, still life, tabletop, toys and the web.

Although located in the greater New York City area, NJCN (New Jersey Creatives Network) members include photographers, videographers, graphic designers, copywriters, film/video/TV producers, web developers and art illustrators who are available on a national basis for temporary staffing solutions or one-time projects. Unlike traditional creative talent agencies, there are never any agency commissions or finders fees to pay when you use NJCN.

To view portfolios of our freelance photographers, click below to see a list of our membership broken down by following talent categories;

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