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January 2005 Meeting Photos

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Digital Photos by:
George Kamper
Photographic Illustration


Image Courtesy of Fernando Ruiz
Stan Cohen introduces our Guest Speaker of January - Cartoon Artist Fernando Ruiz.   Fernando explains what happened to the dog from Archie Comics -
"He died!"
  Fernando says "I made this!" - showing a pencil layout.
"Hey, there's a page missing from my Portfolio!"   From the writer's concept to a finished pencil rendering.
Fernando asks "Guess who this is?" as the drawing takes form.
What is Archie smiling about?   Kathleen Kirchner and Dave McCoy compare notes on who draws better.
Archie gets his freckles.   Can Eileen Watkins' pen keep up with the pace of Fernando's marker?
Carl Jablonski tells Peter Adler "my pizza went that-a-way!"   Sarah Macy and Bill Kronemyer get a demonstration from Carl on the art of how to balance a slice while talking and smiling at the camera. "Say cheese" instructs photographer George Kamper.
The room tilts to the left while everyone leans to the right.   Dave McCoy poses his size 12 sneaker for Liz Kassler to draw while Kathleen Kirchner contemplates the life of a comic book artist - "Is it for me?"
Digital Photos:
George Kamper Photographic Illustration

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